The Greatest Gift Humankind Can Gain Is Morality Essay

1191 Words Dec 18th, 2014 5 Pages
Yohana Pisabaj
K. Howarth
PHI 205- 055
16 December 2014 The greatest gift humankind can gain is morality. Morality is defined values concerning the distinction between right and wrong or the good and bad behavior. For the past 18 years, my moralities were based on the Christian morality. Growing up with Christian parents, I was told my belief had to come from God. He was the one who created all things and God is to teach us how to live better life. The basis of Christian morality is all about living like Jesus and focus our response and faith to a God in our daily circumstances. I always had to keep in mind my morals had to stand on what was appropriate and inappropriate response to God, the person who loves us. After eighteen years of being a Christian, I decide to leave my Christian faith and become a deist. I acknowledge the existing of God but I do not believe in any religion since then I was unaware of completely understand my own morals. Leaving my religion affliction was heavy influences with my morals I started to gain as I experience life. As I grow into my own self individual my Christian morals and my personal morals conflicted with on another. I knew many of moral decisions were encouragements by the directions my life path rather the directions I received from God. For the past two years, I went through a process of trial and error of what is considered wrong and right. As well I struggled finding my egoist standpoint. Several of my moral position would…

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