The Greatest Desire Of My Life Essay

1114 Words Jun 17th, 2015 null Page
I was born in 1991 in a small town in a small province in Viet Nam. In my hometown area, my family was one of the poorest families, and my parents were farmers. They did not have enough money to let me attend school. I did not have any knowledge from school when I was a child, unlike other kids. Therefore, going to school is the greatest desire of my life. My life was not going the right place as I dreamt because I hoped a new life before I went to bed. Therefore, being poor pushed my family to the end of the road without any light. On the morning of June 6, 2005, my father left my mom to marry with another woman because she was a rich woman. Although I was young when my parents got divorced, I knew what was going on with my family. My childhood became terrible when everything happened. When my father left, I realized what I to do when I grow up to help my mother. I wanted to come back to school to study and earn more money because I wanted to get out of being poor. On a day of 1997, I was six years old, and my father had a relationship with a woman who lived close to my hometown. That was a big problem for me because every child needed a father to teach and guided to become a good child. I was shocked when I heard that from my neighbors. I was sick for a long time, and it affected my spirit. I became a taciturn child, and I rarely talked to my mom. For years, I thought my father understood and would come back home, but he did not think of me. He thought about…

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