The Greatest Album Of All Time Essay

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The Greatest Album of All Time

“Rubber Soul”

This album is great because it can help people who are in some difficult situation or if they are feel lonely. It can remind people of loved ones that they lost, gives them strength and encourages them because they know that they have someone who is watching from the sky. Also, songs are filled with inspirational meanings that can uplift someone’s mood.

Rubber Soul is the sixth studio album by English rock band the Beatles. It was released on 3 December 1965. Rubber Soul was produced by George Martin. It unites a mix of 1960s soul, pop, and folk music styles. The album 's name comes from the term plastic soul, which popular African American soul musicians used to describe Mick Jagger, a white musician singing soul music. “I think the title ‘Rubber Soul’ came from a comment an old blues guy had said of Jagger. I’ve heard some out-takes of us doing ‘I’m Down’ (from June 14th, 1965) and at the front of it I’m chatting on about Mick. I’m saying how I’d just read about an old bloke in the States who said, ‘Mick Jagger, man. Well you know they’re good – but it’s plastic soul.’ So ‘plastic soul’ was the germ of the ‘Rubber Soul’ idea.” In fact, at the end of the first take of “I’m Down” the tape captures Paul exclaim, “Plastic soul, man, plastic soul!” - Paul McCartney. The album consisted 14 songs, John and Paul wrote 11 songs, George wrote two and the last one was written by one Lennon, Starkey and McCartney. The song…

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