The Greatest Achievement Of Human Spirit Essays

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Luc de Clapiers once said, “The greatest achievement of human spirit is to live up to one’s opportunities and make the most of one’s resources.” Life is full of beautiful experiences and opportunities. People just need to recognize them. I believe that each day presents opportunities for achievements. However, the most meaningful experience of my life is when I first did my volunteer work at Clear Lake Regional Hospital in the summer of 2013.
Working with the health-care professionals was a unique opportunity that I never wanted to miss. I wanted to do volunteer work in the hospital prior to making any inferences about my future field of study. In the hospital, I was doing my volunteer work based on the need of the various hospital departments. Sometimes, I was helping at the medical front desk and organizing files. Other times, I was helping in the children’s ward organizing baby supplies. I was not in direct contact with any patients. However, I got the chance to directly experience the hospital environment.
One day, when the front desk manager was unable to come, I got the chance to manage the front desk on my own until someone took her place. When I was working at the front desk, I saw a couple with their newborn child. I assumed they were there for a check-up of their child. The smiles on their faces were indescribable . I still remember their warm smiles and their happiness. On that day, I realized that the health care professional’s job is not just based on profit.…

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