Essay on The Great Work By Thomas Berry

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The book called the great work by Thomas Berry was based on the new way humans can promote a new way of living it is our responsibility to do so that as human beings we are a part of nature not outside of it. How to have a relationship with the world not to view it as the subject than an object. He uses historical research to emphasize the progression of separation between humans and the natural world natural world. He also talks about how important education is and the role it plays shaping individuals mindsets of nature to understand the human being as a part of nature. In his writing, he portrays the basic shifts of humanity and the ecological systems. Berry 's work speak about the important need for change now today in our ecological situation but rather through a religious naturalist point of view. He uses the words spiritual and sacred throughout the book, but he doesn 't claim that they connect with a supernatural agent. He refers to words like sacred, or spiritual is found within the Earth 's natural processes.
His analyses of the problems are accurate in terms of identifying the historical causes of our ecological crises and how an overall shift in how we encounter the world must come about in order for real lasting change to take place. He refers to right now today as our moment of grace which is chapter seventeen (page 196), a time when we discover ourselves having the potential to change things and create an energy and a different way of being. He fully…

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