The Great Wall Research Paper

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The Great Wall What makes a player earn the nickname “The Great Wall”. Yao Ming is a basketball player from China who played for the Houston Rockets, reaches 7’6” tall, dominated the NBA during his short eight season career, and was named “The Great Wall” because of his size and his talent. Finally having a promising Asian player in the NBA, a lot of Asians, and especially Chinese people hopped onto the bandwagon and supported him. So even though Yao had to move to a new country where he couldn’t even communicate with his team due to a language barrier, he flourished into a superstar and dominated the league humbly. Yao’s childhood was a little different from an average kid in China. His dad being 6’11” and his mom 6’2”, Yao was already 5’7” by the time he was in third grade which is considered tall and adult …show more content…
As a teen, he was already freakishly tall and already had played basketball professionally in China when he was the same age as I am. Yao eventually entered the NBA draft and was pick number one overall and even though the crowd booed when he was picked, he proved everyone wrong because over the course of his 8 seasons, he has had amazing performances. He has scored 41 point game, broken records with his efficient performance, and was voted as a starter for the All- Star games every time he was able to play. Yao has impacted to NBA because he was able to connect the NBA with China more. They now get to have NBA games in China and China is now able to broadcast their games all across China, which brings in a lot of viewers. For a twenty year old to move across the world and become an image for an entire country must have been stressful job. Not only did he had to represent China but he had to also worry about learning the plays of his team, and his performance on the court. How can someone like Yao be so mentally

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