Essay about The Great Statesman And General

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Julius Caesar, by Phillip Freeman, is a very detailed and concise biography of the great statesman and general. The book begins by giving a brief description of Caesars early life. It notes how we do not know much about the early life of Caesar, because the beginning of Suetonius’s “Live of the Twelve Caesars” was destroyed. It begin to explain the origins of his name, and what his life may have been like as child. He comes from a patrician family, which claims decadence from Aeneas, and through him Venus. It then tells tales from Caesar being captured by pirates, to his survival during the time of Sulla. His path of power is mainly focused on his early offices, and his political opponents, like Cato and Bibulous. It puts a great emphasis on Caesar as a gambler of life presenting his election of pontifex maximus, and stating the quote “mother, today you will see your son as pontifex maximus or as a fugitive.” Caesar is also marked as being against the execution of the Catiline conspirators. The final point of Caesar outlines the creation of the triumvirate between Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus. The three manage to land Caesar a position as consul, and how Caesar has done many illegal acts during and before, but the position as consul, and next as praetor, gave him legal immunity, so his enemies could not persecute him. The next few chapters provide an overview of Caesars De bello Gallico. Caesar “solved” the migration problem of the Helvetii, defeated the German warlord…

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