The Great Schism Between The Industrialized North And The Agriculture Dominant South

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With the great schism between the industrialized North and the agriculture dominant South over the issue of states’ rights staring with the election of president Lincoln, war was declared between two halves of a country. Although the land battles are more renown, maritime shipping and Naval strength soon showed their importance to the war effort. Naval battles and military marine interactions took place in all of the maritime domains, from the brown water of the Mississippi river to the blue water of the Pacific Ocean. The naval strategies used by both the north and the south varied depending on which maritime domain the battles would take place in. In the brown water domain of the Mississippi river the Union and Confederate navies engage in a Guerre d’escadre. The passages written by J.E. Montgomery of the Confederate Navy and A.H. Hoote of the Union Navy they describe the Battle at Plum Point Bend in which a squadron of 8 confederate Ironclads (rams) and a group of Union Naval ships. J.E. Montgomery writes to his commanding officer “I am happy to inform you, while exposed to close quarters to a most terrific fire for thirty minutes, our boats, although struck repeatedly, sustained no serious injuries” (Montgomery 384). This statement confirms that the confederates made out better in the Battle at Plum Point Bend because two of the Union ships where sunk when the confederates lost no ships. In both letters the commanding officers of both sides write as if they have won the…

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