The Great Register : A True Art Form As Well As The Whole Course Of The Novel

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The “Great Register” symbolizes the process of how knowledge and information are created to eliminate the one prior. Stories and knowledge are inputted as well as blank pages hinting to the fact that it can be modified at any time. (157 EP) Speaking of time, there is no timeline in the “Great Register” as well as the whole course of the novel. The novel consists of many gaps and pages with just a circle printed without any relative continuous momentum in the story line. Bringing the “Great Register” into the novel is a true art form as it is bringing light to the exact nature and purpose of the book; for the readers to continue the fight against gender identity, binarisms, and discourses associated with them.
In addition, the women write in and read from the “great register,” which also is asking to Les Guèrillères: “It is useless to open it at the first page and search for any sequence. One may take it at random and find something one is interested in... The notion of readers as writers also extends outside the novel: since some of the women who read the great register and the feminaries also write in them, and since those texts resemble Les Guerilleres, the novel’s implied author is intimating that its implied readers, in turn, can continue unbroken the cycle of readers as writers.” (157 EP) The novel was created with a distorted timeline. It is unknown at what period of time and where this war is exactly occurring: “Are commonly recounted as if they were habitual or…

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