The Great Powers Of The United States Essay examples

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The efforts undertaken by the USA was in order to become one of the great powers of

this time period as the United States has always sought to do in times of intense need. We

try to be the bigger person and if that means that we are going to have to put forth efforts

that would be assumed hypocritical. These actions in terms of moral, philosophical and

political commitments were what we promised as a nations, some decades before hand,

which in all standards does lead to the assumption that we lived up to the promise.

The first phase of the analytical self analysis will be the moral stand point. As a nation,

we sometime s consider our selves to be too good for our own need. As in Doc B, We

don’t consider how others view us in certain senses and how the worlds as a whole put us

in perspective. Whether we would do so or just teeter along on our own path is still yet to

be seen from this point in history. What we do know is that decades before hand we did

make a promise stating that our nation was to poke its nose in the affairs of other

countries only if it felt an oncoming home front threat from the growing situation.

Communism in that sense is a potential threat that could have arisen in the decades

following to our home front and ways of life. Especially in the way that communism was

spreading, using intimidation methods to push its way across the land. In Doc, D, Our job

as a country and really as people of the planet under God would be to…

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