The Great Plains Essay

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Have you ever been in a place of green with forests and animals everywhere? Well, where some of the Native Americans lived, there were such things. Native American tribes such as the Crow lived in the Great Plains. The Crow tribe of the Great Plains were nomadic and followed the buffalo migrations which provided their food. This tribe spent a good part of the year living in camps that could easily be dismantled and moved to follow the buffalo migrations. Other tribes of the plains were more sedentary. These tribes lived in permanent villages year round. The Great Plains are located between the South and Midwest regions to the east and the Rocky Mountains to the west. The Great Plains Indians were dictated by climate, land, …show more content…
The introduction of the horse in the 1750's enabled many Indian tribes from other regions to travel to the Great Plains to hunt buffalo. The Great Plains hunting culture was relatively short lived as it was replaced in the 1880's by the European settlers who became the farmers, cowboys and cattlemen. The animals were very important to the Great Plains Indians. Animals included Bison (Buffalo), deer, cougars, elk, bear, beaver, porcupine, antelope, prairie dogs, eagles and wolves. The uses of the animals were varied and included food, clothing, shelter and decorations. The Religion, Ceremonies and Beliefs were based on Animism. Animism was a commonly shared doctrine, or belief, of the indigenous people of North America and Canada including the Great Plains Indian tribes. Animism is based on the spiritual or religious idea that the universe and all natural objects have souls or spirits. In this religion it is believed that souls or spirits exist not only in humans but also in animals, plants, trees, rocks etc. This belief is also extended to natural phenomena such as thunder storms and rain and geographic features such as mountains, caves or rivers also possess souls or spirits. The Plains people believed in Manitou, the “Great Spirit”. The men also carried a pouch called the “Medicine Bag or Bundle” which included herbs used in Smudging Rituals. The “Great Spirit”, the “Sun Dance” and “Vision Quest Tricksters” feature in the

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