The Great Opportunity At The United States Essay examples

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I have had the great opportunity to have lived in several different locations around the United States. Branching off into three states and then subcategorized into cities based on the location of each. I have traveled the United States for many years, traveling from one city to another. Staring from birth I have moved and lived in many different homes, classifying each location into states and from there branching off into cities. I have had the great fortune of living in Texas first. Texas is the state that I have lived in the longest out of the three. The first small city that I lived in is known as Portland Texas. I lived there from birth to age nine. Portland is the farthest city south that I have lived in, being just off the Gulf of Mexico. The second city I lived in had been the Woodlands Texas. I moved to the woodland at the age of nine and stayed till the age of eleven. The Woodlands was the most boring off all the cities that I have lived in because it is more of a retirement location and not for an elementary school child. The last city that I have lived in while in Texas was Houston. I moved there at the age of sixteen and stayed until the age of seventeen. Houston Texas was the biggest city I have lived in out of the three states and nine cities. Texas was the first state I had the wonderful opportunity to live in and from there I moved to Minnesota. Minnesota was the second state that I have had the unbelievable opportunity to live in. Arriving at the age…

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