The Great Minds Of Harlem Essays

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Great Minds Think Alike Harlem was ignited a movement before its time. Harlem was the location where greatness arose past the crust. The magnificent part about Harlem being this location where many would go to enjoy themselves was that these men and women were not Caucasian male and females, but majestic African-American men and women who would keep their audience dancing every night they would perform. Lorraine Hansberry was born during the Harlem Renaissance to Nannie Hansberry and Carl Hansberry, who was pretty well off, yet were also activist of African-American rights. During Lorraine’s childhood, she abides to a suburb that did not accept her family because of their ethnicity. As Lorraine Hansberry grew up, she would go to college at the University of Wisconsin, but dropped out and moved to New York City where she would follow her parent’s footsteps. She was a writer for, Freedom, a progressive black newspaper managed by Paul Robeson. Later, She would quit ever occupation she had to focus on her writing. This is where she creates such a masterpiece, Raisin in the Sun, a line of a poem from one of the most influential writers of during the Harlem Renaissance. Lorraine Hansberry utilizes Langston Hughes poem in her play because of the social inequality present during both time periods. To begin with, Langston Hughes was one of the most intellectual and influential men of the Harlem Renaissance. George Fishman states in his article, Langston Hughes: the working voice…

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