The Great Migration Essay

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The Great Migration was the movement of many African American citizens of the United States to seek better lives. The migration of blacks was caused by many natural and manmade crises. The Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, living conditions for blacks, and racism in the south were key influences in causing the Great Migration. This movement of blacks lasted a large part of the twentieth century with only a portion of occurring from 1910-1930, but still yielding over one million blacks moving north in those 20 years (Candaele 7). This affected the north and south alike, increasing the population in the north drastically, and decreasing the southern population. This affected the United States’ economy as well. The drastic increase in the north’s population raised unemployment because there weren’t enough jobs to account for the population, and the southern businesses losing money due to the many jobs lost. All of this changed the U.S. at the time and still has some influence on today’s United States. None of this influence could have happened without the events leading up to and causing the migration. The Great Migration had many causes, which were described by Robin Fanslow as “‘A complex set of interacting forces, both economic and ecological’”, which include the Great Depression, the Dust bowl, and just the racism and living quality for blacks in the south (Fanslow). The Dust Bowl was a series of “Dust storms and drought [that] ravaged the midwest”, killing crops and…

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