The Great Man Theory And Relational Theory Essay

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The purpose of this paper is for the reader to understand the different aspects of both the Great Man theory and the Relational theory. Both of these theories bring important positive and negative qualities to the workplace. Each theory has certain qualities that leaders should look for to enhance the workflow within the office work space. Through this paper the reader should be able to have a better understanding of both theories and how they should be used effectively within the workplace.

A Comparison and Contrast of the Great Man Theory and Relational Theory Styles of Leadership
Cooperate America is run by an assortment of different types of leaders and leadership styles. Each company and leader has their own specific theory of leadership that one works under. The different types of leadership each bring their own unique positives and negatives to the workplace. Two theories that one should take a closer look at to understand the extremes of different types of leadership are the Great Man theory and Relational theory. Both styles are used to meet goals within an organization, but they vary widely in styles. Throughout this paper one should be able to understand the key concepts that both theories follow, and should be able to understand the importance of one over the other.
Relational Theory
Relational theory is one of the six main theories that Richard Daft discusses within his book The Leadership Experience. One can see that the relational theory is the most…

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