The Great Leap Frog Contest Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… However, as the personal conflict of Mrs. Mortimer’s sterility is developed the setting complements her feelings of worthlessness and loneliness as the reader becomes aware that the farm is in fact isolated and any outside contact with people is welcomed. This is demonstrated through the passage “Whenever the Mortimer’s caught sight of them [the children on the train] there was a sudden brightness on their faces.” Similarly, in “The Great Leap Frog Contest” the setting enhances the portrayal of Rosie as the underdog. The fact that the contest takes place on a highway that is made out of “dirt and asphalt” conveys an atmosphere of a fast-paced competition and it is painstakingly obvious that Rosie’s gender does not complement this setting. Hence, she is portrayed as an outsider not only because she is fighting a boy, but also because of the nature of her …show more content…
The stories both develop as the main characters are involved in some personal dilemma, be it coming to grips with being infertile or proving one’s self to be just as worthy as a boy. In both stories the character’s internal conflict is resolved as Rosie wins the fight and Mrs. Mortimer “went through the rest of the winter as if she were carrying the baby herself.” However, in “The Good Corn” Mrs. Mortimer also forgives her husband and the tension between the characters is also resolved. This is not the case with Rosie in “The Great Leap Frog Contest” as it states that she “talked all the way home” and Rex was left “a confused young man.” In this story the tension between the characters still remains to the very end. In conclusion, the techniques of characters, setting, point of view and structure all work together to convey the personal dilemmas and tension between the main characters in the short stories “The Good Corn” by H.E. Bates and William Saroyan’s “The Great Leap Frog Contest”. It is through these techniques that the reader is able to respond to the characters in either a positive or negative manner and a more enhanced reading of the texts is made

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