The Great Kansas Kartansa Act Essay

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The Great Kansas Nebraska Act.

The Topic I have reseached for this project is the Kansas Nebraska act of 1854. This is a huge turning point in America history because this act was the cauase of many issues and problem that led to the Civil War. The Kansas Nebraska is also significant since it led to the first time American was officially divided into slave states and non-slave states based on the people in the state. The Kansas Nebraska act was the beganing of the end of the slavery in the country
Compromises in the Country.
As American grew and expanded as a country problem arose over What states will be slave and what will not. First came the Missouri Compromise, which was a way by Congress to dufuse the problem
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Acorrding to a online website," they would support the central route if slvery was permitted in the new terriories.."(Stephen Douglas wikipedia). Douglas thought over their proposal and draft the first act. He said allow the state to choose free or not from statehood. The act did not sit well with Northern and they demand a change, so Douglas had to resort to what is called "popular sovereignty". Popular sovereignty is a people 's rule that gives them the authority of the state and the government does things according to the people 's consent. On May 30,1854 Kansa Nebraska act became a law. Now Douglas knew what would happen now with popular sovereignty, as he said it would " raise a hell of a storm", But he didnt not anticipate what happened next. The reaction to the law was immediate for both the North and South. A Northern bussiness man Eli thayer found and organized a Emigrant Aid Company, Which moved settlers from New England and Midwest to Kansas to insure the state as a free one. The new state of Kansas was now made up of mostly anti-slavery people, now if thing were fair with the election they would have won fair and sqaure; But rumors of the Northerners diving into the new state with over 20,00 of then, Southerners armed with weapons prepared to fight by the thousand descend on Kansas. The southerners led by Senator Atchison ( of Misouri) promised to " kill every...damed ablitionlist …show more content…
But the small things like compromises led up to one of the biggest problems the United States had every had at that time. The Kansas Nebraska act was a big tipping point for America and because of the law turn law the Union was closer to a break and divid than it had ever been. The battle of Slave Vs. Non-Slave had started and there was not turning back for the

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