Essay about The Great Industrialization Of Salmon

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Aquaculture takes place in sea cages or open net cages in oceans, sheltered bays along the coast and close to wild salmon rivers and streams. The open net pens have floating feedlots holding up to millions of fish in an area equivalent to two football fields. The salmon farming lowers the cost of production but cannot prevent parasites, diseases, and waste discharge into the coastal waters. During the storm, artificial salmon escape into the wild habitat.
The salmon species are available from natural and farmed sources. However, the commercially Atlantic salmon come from the farms. The world experienced an 800% increase in Atlantic salmon production since 1990. The global supply of salmonids is very marginal compared to other categories of seafood (4.3 of seafood supply around the world). Whitefish comprise of many species and contributes immensely to seafood production. Aquaculture industry indicates Atlantic salmon high level of industrialization due to low-risk levels compared to other aquaculture products. The great industrialization of salmon increases fish in the market.
The ever-increasing in demand for fish facilitated the expansion of aquaculture. The aquaculture becomes world’s number one and fastest growing food producing industry. By the year 2030, it is estimated that over half of fish consumption will be from aquaculture. According to FAO, the aquaculture contributed to the increase in tonnage from 10 million in 1984 to 38 million tons by the year 1998.…

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