The Great Grandfather 's Famous Mint Snowball And The History

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Family is one of the most important factors in many people 's lives. The live of each person and their past shapes the life of the following descendants. Losing an important part of the past can change the lives of the future. Naomi Shihab Nye uses clear description of her great grandfather’s famous mint snowball and the history behind it to share the importance of family heritage and objects of a family member and what they bring to the future descendants. When Nye writes this story, she wants it to always relate to her readers.
At the time that the memory of Nye’s great-grandfather’s was disappearing, so was her family’s heritage. As Nye’s mother took a bite of the snowball, “She closed her eyes to see the Swiss village my great-grandfather’s parents came from.” The mint snowball caused the mother to think about the history of where her grandparents came from and imagine what it looked like. Just reading that sentence even has the reader picturing endless possibilities of what the village could have looked like. Even then, the reader starts to think about their heritage and how their families lived. The mint snowball recipe comes from the place where the narrator 's great-grandfather was born. It is possible it was the only thing he brought from his village as he migrated to America which truly connected him to his past. The mint snowball is the bridge that connects the past that is beyond the narrator 's great-grandparents parents with themselves. Everyone has a mint…

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