Essay on The Great Gmo Debate On Genetically Modified Organisms

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The Great GMO Debate

Gmos have been introduced since the 1970s, and they have taken place of our main food supply. Although the creations of Gmos worry citizens about the unknown process of mutating our food supply these are just incorrect accusations while Gmos are beneficial for the stability of our society.

The Debate on the Safety of Genetically Modified Organisms:

In the last few decades Gmos have be introduced in order to fulfill our cultures supply needs for food. Genetically Modified Organisms can be crops that have a modified DNA sequence that is superior than naturally occurring plants. Abbie Goldbas states that, “Gmos are organisms whose genetic makeups have been changed by mutating, inserting, or deleting genes, by using genetic engineering techniques or biotechnology” (Goldbas, 20). With this scientists are able to create plants with a gene to become resistant to illness and pests, they can also include a gene that applies to a certain group of people. For example if one group in whole has a vitamin A deficiency, scientist can insert a gene to fulfill their vitamin A necessity. However, many people are debating whether or not Gmos are actually safe for human consumption.

Many European countries have already implemented strict regulations on GM food, even banning all imports. Robert Falkner, an associate professor and obtains a doctorate from Oxford University, has written several research papers that discuss environmental concerns.…

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