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In the Studio with Jeremy Sutton: Educator Guide

Subject Visual Art: Painting
Grades 6 ‐ 12
Standards Addressed Artistic Perception, Creative Expression, Aesthetic Valuing

Teaching with KQED Media
Using video in the classroom can breathe life and meaning into any lesson. In the arts, video can be particularly effective for introducing large concepts, aspects of the creative process, and key arts‐ related vocabulary to introduce students to discipline‐based and concept‐based study. Using media in the classroom helps connect students with artists and promotes critical viewing skills and media awareness. For more information about using media in the classroom download KQED’s Media Tips teaching tool (a direct link is provided
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Invite students to copy a drawing of a historical master artist. Explain that when an artist is copying the work of a master artist, they are not only studying the drawing techniques, but at the same time, studying the artist’s thinking process.
Gather copies of master drawings for students to view. This can include works by historical artists such as Titian, Tintoretto, Giovanni, Bellini, Leonardo, and Michelangelo. Encourage students to select a drawing that they admire and like. During this process, invite students to consciously ask why the artist made choices with media, color, form, line quality, etc. Explain to the students that if they can identify specific strategies used in a drawing, then that strategy or skill can transfer to their own works of art.
After a drawing is selected for copying, invite the students to study the artist. During this process, explore the following questions:

Where was the artist from?

When did the artist live?

Did the artist belong to any particular “school” or movement?

Did the artist study under the guidance of another master artist?

Is it known when the work was created?

What materials were used, including type of paper?

While observing the drawing, encourage students to watch for soft and hard edges in the lines. Pay attention to the quality of lines and shading patterns. Observe how shading is achieved. Note what methods are used, whether it’s

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