The Great Gatsby : The American Dream Essay

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The Great Gatsby: The American Dream “For many, the American dream has become a nightmare.” This quote was spoken by the well-known U.S. politician, Bernie Sanders, and it embodies many situations that have taken place in America. Blinded by wealth and fame, many lose touch of the truth of the American dream, which was initially signified by the first English settlers of the U.S. and now, is a dream that many immigrants desire. The Great Gatsby, a classic novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald truly epitomizes the abuse of the American dream; which shifted the appreciation of obtaining wealth, happiness and opportunity, into the misuse of wealth, happiness, and status in society. In just the beginning chapters of this novel, a myriad of characters just like Jay Gatsby have obtained a dream, and as the story progresses, their desires turn into horrid nightmares. To commence, in the beginning of the novel Jay Gatsby, a wealthy man who inhabited a huge mansion solitarily in West Egg, Long Island was popular for having extravagant parties. However, very few people know where he came from, and how he truly accumulated his wealth. In the novel, the narrator states, “His parents were shiftless and unsuccessful farm people- his imagination has never really accepted them as his parents at all.” (Page 98). This goes to show that Gatsby grew up poor, and was embarrassed by his parents’ professions. Coming from a low-income family, Gatsby was the embodiment of the…

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