The Great Gatsby Past Analysis

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In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby” the past has always played a huge role on the main character Jay Gatsby life . When we think of time past, present and future pop into our heads . The present is the place where all our attention is focused , where we think about our future and what is yet to come. Then there are people who are “stuck” in the past and they cannot move on into the future. In the novel Jay Gatsby is one of those people who struggles to let go of the past.Gatsby could not grasp the reality of life because he wanted his reality to be his past and his past to be his future. In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby represents a man blinded by love, wealth and living the American dream . He wants to live in the lap of luxury with his long lost love in his arms .When it …show more content…
But in Gatsby’s mind Daisy is perfect head to toe , nothing people said about her changed his thoughts on her. Once he kissed her he “ felt wed to her “. There are parts of his past that he chooses to forget. Gatsby never lived for the present and that is shown clearly when he tells his real story about his past , when he left his life changed his name and did not care what he left behind when he was younger. The green light also plays a great significance in the novel. It becomes obvious that this green light on Daisy’s dock wasn 't just put there randomly, it’s a symbol representing Gatsby’s dream of having Daisy. The fact that Daisy falls short of Gatsby’s reach. We can see that no matter how hard Gatsby tries to live his luxury life, he will never be able to do so without Daisy. Throughout the book we learn that the green light on Daisy 's dock empowers Gatsby to follow his lifelong dream, it also represents faith and wealth . Gatsby wants to be the picture perfect man that every girl desires. Gatsby cares about what people think of him and how they view him. He wants everything to look

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