The Great Gatsby : Old Wealth Vs. New Wealth Essay

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The Great Gatsby: Old Wealth vs. New Wealth Immigrants from various nations left many Americans jobless. New wealth and old wealth had a major gap than others recognized. The Great Gatsby showed the gap between the Buchanan’s and Gatsby in assorted ways. The feelings and relationship between Tom and Gatsby reflected upon the money they had. The wealth described the social status of many of the individuals. The wealth helped a few individuals, but proved to be a disaster for others. Many of the relationships within the novel depended highly on the category of wealth . Signs of the Great Depression were greatly showing but it did not bother any of the individuals in the novel. The culture and society of the 1920s greatly emphasized the division between old money and new money, which was presented in The Great Gatsby. During the 1920s, many events took place within the nation. Immigration was rising near the end of the eighteenth century, especially immigrants from China. There were many acts being passed to limit the amount of Chinese laborers arriving to the United States (Warren). Near the beginning the nineteenth century, World War 1 was nearing, which had created tensions between many nations. World War 1 caused the split between old money and new money to widen even further. It took away many job opportunities leading to the money which was acquired before. Immigrants from China started to take control of many American jobs, leaving many Americans jobless. This led…

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