Theme Of Happiness In The Great Gatsby

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Fitzgerald’s Enlightenment on Happiness

In The Great Gatsby, a story in written by Fitzgerald (, 1 ), in which he comments on the era of the 1920’s, and how chaotic it was by conveying a lack of happiness despite the idea that the Roaring ‘20s were a time of great prosperity. Some people believe that The Roaring ‘20s was one of the greatest times to be in the United States, on the other hand it doesnt seem to be the greatest times from another point of view( Churchwell, 1 ).

The economy was booming, parties were bigger than ever & the media claiming it all to be great. Everything seemed to be going Americas way, well inthe media’s eyes to be technicall. Happiness is the feeling of positive or pleasant emotions. Happiness, it losses all of its meaning without having some negative emotions to balance it all out. Fitzgerald uses The Great Gatsby to show that not everyone thought brightly of the “ Roaring 20’s. The Roaring 20’s, a time where the United States wass full of glamour, the American
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The “ Roaring 20’s” a time where many people thought that the booming economy was the solution to the sorrow, the answer to happiness, key word ‘Thought’. Failed marriages in american families becuase of false happiness, often looked over by the rest of the country. All of the money the came into the pockets of the wrong people, caused many sins to take part, buying themsleves out of anything, beliving they controled the world, utterly came to the people’s downfall. Persuing anothers happiness believing that it will be yours is one of the most effective ways in gaining the complete opposite of what is to be expected, Sadness & greif. Now that we’ve gone over a good portion of the problem, were the “Roaring 20’s” really a time of happiness? Or false happiness at the expense of someone

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