The Great Gatsby Color Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… This light is symbolic to Gatsby's aim, daisy, his hope to reach her and his greater American dream. Clayton, on the other hand, repeats this color in three elements serving the same thematic function: the green light, the green ring and Jordan's green jewelry. (See the paper). Before discussing the aim of using the green color, artists say that the green color means envy and money (as dollars). This analysis can be related to the use of color. The green light was related to the hope that Jay believed in & resembled it to his meeting with his only love Daisy. The green ring, that "the Gatsby has given to Daisy, yet will wear himself, most visibly after his murder at the end of the film "(Papers). The use of the green color in this specific act meant Envy because at the end of film, when Georges kills Jay, the only thing we see was the green ring. Concerning Jordan's Jewelry?! …show more content…
(Empty space, grandeur) individuals visually appear inferior to he space they occupy; this emphasizes the character's subjection to their material wealth. The use of space served a lot to deliver the physical space of the story. First of all, it starts with Gatsby's house. It very huge, beautiful and almost perfect. But yet, this grandeur led to emptiness. All of his rooms were perfect astatically but they aren't cozy or friendly. Here the use of space was to emphasize on his loneliness and the space between Jay and himself from one hand, and between Jay and the society on the other hand. Then, the distance between "West Egg" & "East Egg". The distance between Gatsby and Daisy was linked only by the green light and the sea. This emphasizes on the physical distance between as much as the emotional distance. Even in the novel, the write describes the distance but he gives the reader the chance to imagine the space. "Clayton's camera pans over Gatsby's yellow car, the swimming pool, and the interior of Gatsby's ostentatiously furnished mansion; suddenly as the music grows indistinct in the echo of the parties' hollow laughter; we see the emptier house of the film's conclusion, cloaked in blue

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