The Great Gatsby By ' Kill A Mockingbird ' By Jean Louise Essay

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Go Set A Watchman, returns readers to Maycomb, and reintroduces them to the characters from one of the greatest coming of age novels, To Kill a Mockingbird. Watchman had tremendous controversy taking place on both the pages of the novel and swirling around outside the novel since it’s release. Several readers and critics alike became mortified that Atticus, a moral patriarch is exposed as a racist. Although, disheartening this is a realistic tragedy, it is natural to mature with age and in doing so now understand the flaws in people that had once been considered a hero. When Jean Louise returns home, where she experiences this realization once her maturing mind allows her to visualize the ugly struggle of racism in the south. The theme of this novel is realization or ultimately could be considered a continuation of the coming of age genre just in the adult time period of Jean Louise’s life as opposed to her life as a child nicknamed, when she was nicknamed Scout. The rhetorical elements that help develop the theme are the dialogs in the text, Jean Louise’s point of view and how she developed a different way of looking at people rather than the status quo thoughts of her small town folks. In addition, Watchman consists of several antidotes and stories that are taking place in the past as well as the present. The important information and key points in this novel are introduced by the dialogs between characters. Conflicts arise in this novel through the conversations of…

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