Essay on The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Great Gatsby is a novel about reaching the american dream and is a tragic love story. Gatsby is constantly chasing this girl named daisy who he had loved once before. Gatsby is a person stuck in the past and doesn 't realize he can get it back so he keeps on chasing.Fitzgerald in his novel "The Great Gatsby" explores the tension between what SEEMS to be an what really IS through the characters Gatsby, Daisy, and Tom
Gatsby shows the tension of what SEEMS to be and what really IS clearly in this novel. Gatsby seemed to be an honorable person being in the war and also was very wealthy and popular for his parties. Everyone around West egg and East egg knew him and his parties, even people who were not invited would even come. Jordan baker is a rich girl who played golf professionally and showed an interest in nick as well as nick with her. She is talking to Nick, and nick said that he lived in west egg and jordan responded “you live in west egg you must know gatsby”(pg 15). Jordan was implying that everyone in West egg knows gatsby for his famous parties and amazing house. Gatsby was well know around the area of west egg . Gatsby claims that he is an oxford man when talking to nick and tell him about his own life “I was brought up in america but educated in oxford” Gatsby did seem to be an smart and genuine man coming from oxford so it was thought that he earned his huge money legally. Tom accused Gatsby of bootlegging before but now he confronted him of and had some…

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