The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay example

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The roaring twenties was the time of F. Scott Fitzgerald. His autobiography realistically describes this time in history. His personal experiences helped him write one of the best known books in America, The Great Gatsby. His use of realism gives the reader a feel of the 1920’s and its descriptive images of lavish party life seemed to of attracted the attention of readers making it a classic. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses symbolism in The Great Gatsby to create a depth to its characters and settings. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald better known as F. Scott Fitzgerald was a famous writer whose lifestyle represented the roaring 1920’s. He was up all night partying and drinking; common activities throughout the 1920’s. Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota to a middle class family. His father was a southern man and his mother descended from Irish immigrants. In 1911, Fitzgerald attended a Catholic boarding school in New Jersey, with financial help from his aunt. Two years later he got accepted into Princeton University, where he was an active member of multiple literature clubs but failed to make the football team. Not long after, Fitzgerald dropped out of Princeton to go into the army, but never engaged in war because the war had ended before his departure. While stationed in Montgomery, Alabama Fitzgerald met a local girl named Zelda Sayre who then rejected him. Fitzgerald then went on a mission to achieve the love of Zelda, just like Gatsby did in his 1925 novel…

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