The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The Great Gatsby illustrate a division in social class based on the characters’ family backgrounds. Several characters have their own goals and dreams, the American Dream. The American Dream is to be born to a world of equality, to have the same equal opportunity, and to achieve goals through hard work. The Great Gatsby present characters who tries to get more than they already have. Jay Gatsby, the protagonist in The Great Gatsby, wants more than being a janitor and a rich man; he throws parties every Saturdays to attract Daisy’s attention, but lost everything in the end. Gatsby went from “new money” to “old money” to “no money”. Everyone do not have the same opportunity to strive for their American Dream because their opportunities depend on their family background, what they were born to be, proletarian or bourgeoisie.
Barbour, Brian M. “Two American Dreams in Conflict”. Johnson.
Brian was an old English writer. He presented two different American Dreams in his work, Two American Dreams in Conflict. The Franklinian Dream is a dream of self-validating materialism, which acquires wealth while the Emersonian Dream also depends on wealth. The differences is wealth is not the definition for American Dream, but it is the struggle to achieve the true purpose of the dream. In The Great Gatsby, Tom is the representation of the Franklinian Dream because his life is about using money to buy happiness. Gatsby, in the other hand is the representation of Emersonian Dream because his…

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