Essay about The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The American dream is a debatable proposition that can be deciphered in many different manners, today people realize that it is just a matter of accepting the fact that there is not just one ‘American Dream.’ Some people have hopes of becoming rich, while some have dreams to be given more opportunities, others have dreams to become someone famous, and have a perfect reputation. These examples pinpoint that there is not just one ‘American Dream’. Everyone has dreams, but not all are the same. People make their own ‘American Dream,’ because they are their own person and not everyone has the same lifestyle. People believe that once they achieve their dreams they will be happy and set for life, but that is not the case today. In modern times, people will achieve their dreams but then just keep adding on and on to their expectations, making them unreachable. Taking two different people and comparing, and contrasting their lives can make the clearly stated point seem rather relevant to the topic. ‘The Great Gatsby’ gives tons of characters that you could compare to make this a relatively easy consumption of what the ‘American Dream’ really is. Jay Gatsby for instance, grew up and lived a what he called a “terrible childhood,” because he was born into a poor family, so he left, and met a man named

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Dan Cody who later died and left him a part of his fortune. Overall Gatsby’s ultimate dream from the beginning was to make something of himself and become rich. He changed his…

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