The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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For centuries history books have recorded the actions and words of great men and women who influenced their society and the world. In order for a person’s name to be remembered throughout history, he must become great by doing something that had a positive effect. A great person is well-known and distinguished among his peers. Instead of blending in with the crowd, he stands out and becomes influential towards others. Great people may be grand, awe-inspiring, and impressive in the eyes of others, but “great people are [also] just ordinary people who really understand the meaning of life” (Barnes). F. Scott Fitzgerald understood the definition of a great person when he wrote his novel, “The Great Gatsby”, featuring a larger-than-life character whose life story is told. Starting from the bottom and working to reach the top, Gatsby’s ambition resulted in vast riches and the chance to meet with Daisy again. Jay Gatsby exhibited greatness through his appearance, actions, and ideals, but often entertained himself with foolish and romantic notions which created the path to his downfall. Jay Gatsby’s appearance caused society to view him as a great and powerful person. His lavishly decorated house was surrounded by lush gardens displaying his wealth. Throughout the week, Gatsby would host parties to entertain hundreds in hopes of being graced with Daisy’s presence. All visitors to Gatsby’s mansion during the parties were often in awe of the many material possessions he owned…

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