The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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1. Fact about F. Scott Fitzgerald: Although he is hailed as one of the greatest authors in American history, Fitzgerald lived his life in a constant state of depression and alcoholism caused by the initial failure to prove himself as a writer, resulting in him dying believing himself a failure. Fact from the 1920’s: The mood of the 20’s was that of heavy depression, with many people believing that they did not accomplish much and leading to a heavy increase in alcoholism, which was illegal at the time, and suicide rates. Connection to the novel: Gatsby himself was in a mysterious depression as he hosted his parties and displays his extravagant lifestyle in order to win back the love of
Daisy, though he does not attend his parties nor drinks due to his long desire and depression for Daisy.
Overall relevant connection among the three: Gatsby serves as a connection to the reality of society during the
1920’s, a time where many people suffered from wild depressions on several fears and hopes that would never come true, resulting in a country that was at heart in a gloomy state.
2. Fact about F. Scott Fitzgerald: Though he was born into a Catholic family, Fitzgerald ultimately parted from his religious background later in his life. Fitzgerald acknowledged the fact that he did not go to church and regarded the services with little to no value. Most of the people he had associated with were Catholic, which may provide a reason why Fitzgerald felt the need to depart from a Catholic…

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