Essay on The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald was written in a unique and intellectual way by using three devices providing the readers with detailed descriptions, emotions and creativity capturing the American Dream. They are Diction, Syntax, and connotation, Fitzgerald 's word choices and arrangement of the sentences using these devices put an image in our mind to how the Jazz Age use to be back then. The author was able to recreate The Jazz Age or The Roaring Twenties is when wealthy people spend their money on alcohol, material things that will not last a long time. In the novel in order to enhance the aspect of the American Dream back then and in current human society. His figurative language throughout The Great Gatsby captures images appealing to the mind from romantic to corrupt scenarios. The themes, symbols and motifs taken out of the novel was created using these literary devices in order to understand the overall message and aspects of The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald was able to create this illusionary world of Gatsby where anything lost in the past can be taken back in the real world with imagery and diction. Fitzgerald wrote this classical novel using work of literature to point out the tragedy, misconceptions, flashback and connection to the roaring twenties to get across a point of view to his audience. The first literary device Fitzgerald use in this classical novel is diction: negative and positive to carry the main outlook in the book. The author 's usage of negative…

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