The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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One who is obsessed is compulsively preoccupied beyond control with a person, object or idea. In today’s society, we see obsessions with money, certain people, activities, and statuses. Throughout F. Scott Fitzgerald 's world-renowned novel, The Great Gatsby, characters misunderstand their obsessions with materialistic and objective ownership with honest love. The plot of the novel entwines a sly play on the reality humans know with a deeper cognizant of psychological behaviour regarding love and obsession. It strikes a chord on readers’ mindsets by slightly enhancing the beliefs naturally retained. The storyline boldly highlights the enigma of life regarding the very fibers of love, if it really is love. Characters implore their obsessions, influencing the question of what love really is. For instance, Daisy, wife of the wealthy Tom Buchanan, is fixated with the possession of material wealth and life security. Correspondingly, the protagonist, Jay Gatsby has an impotent infatuation with the idea of owning her embodiment, disregarding her prioritized personality. Finally, Tom Buchanan, like his wife, is consumed by the need of maintaining a high societal standard and wealthy dominant lifestyle. Hence, Each character labels their obsessions as a means of love and intimacy when they fail to address their beautified hallucinations.
Daisy is an epitome of true beauty in the eyes of many. Curiously, her own dreams are steadfastly fixated on wealth and worldly treasures that…

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