Essay about The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

791 Words Nov 7th, 2016 4 Pages
The Great Gatsby is truly an enjoyable film. Having previously read the book, I had little expectations due to the letdown movies such as this typically have. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The cast was certainly great, the spectacle was certainly impressive, and if nothing else it was a fun movie. Of course the story itself is an excellent one, but what truly makes The Great Gatsby so enjoyable is the variety of characters, and certainly the complexity to them. First of all, there is Nick Carraway, who is perhaps the most admirable person in the film. Due to his relationship with Gatsby, and the fact his is Daisy’s cousin, Nick is the perfect person to narrate this story. The fact that he is the narrator allows us as an audience to get a better idea of who Nick is. Had he just been another character he likely would be overshadowed by the drama and complexity of the other characters. Nick lives in a small shack and doesn’t appear to be as money-obsessed as the other characters. However, what is most admirable about him is his friendship. Throughout the film he guards the secrets of others; not telling Daisy about the day he spent with Tom and Myrtle, not mentioning to Tom about Daisy and Gatsby, and not mentioning to Gatsby about Daisy and Tom at the end of the film. He also helps in the setup of Daisy and Gatsby, and even stands in the rain so they can be alone together. He is the only one who stood by Gatsby through his death and continues to admire him long after.…

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