The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay examples

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It’s safe to say that in a world of imperfections that even the average “American family” has its flaws. Tennessee Williams, also known as Tom, reveals and extremely vivid memory of his life because of the guilt he held after leaving his family alone for a second time. This play is based on the unpleasant memory of his life and within the overall memory the lives of his self and his small family are also based on memories from their own traumas in life. Amanda, Tom’s mother as well as Laura, Tom’s sister, are two people who are constantly reminded of their own memories which are the reasons why the two live life the way they do. Not only is this a guilt memory play written by tom who is living through his own memories but his sister and mother as well whom are also living through their own memories. Amanda, Tom’s mother, lives through the memories of her young, wild and beautiful days. Amanda is traumatized from being left alone and with nothing by her husband who couldn’t care less that his family had nothing without him if he left. Now, after her man left her, she is left feeling useless and potentially not beautiful she has nowhere else to go but her past where she was wanted by every gentleman caller and where she was told she was beautiful by every person who crossed her path(927). Amanda unfortunately is trying to live her unforgettable life through her daughter who couldn’t be more opposite of the beautiful and young Amanda. Amanda was constantly dependent on the…

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