The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The first immigrants who came to the United States had one goal, which was to find work to become self-sufficient. This goal was the basis for many generations until the the 1920s. In the 20’s the American attitude changed to concerning themselves with worldly goods and living in the moment. This adjustment was due to the tremendous number of deaths that occurred in WWI. F. Scott Fitzgerald epitomizes this attitude in the novel, The Great Gatsby. Some believe that The Great Gatsby is not a Modernist novel; however, it reinforces the Modernist elements: anonymity, loss and exile, and destruction of traditional ideals.
Some argue that The Great Gatsby has more Realism era characteristics rather than a Modernist era ones . First and foremost, Campbell says a component of Realism is, “ character is more important than action and plot.” (Campbell) This is certainly true in the novel, The Great Gatsby because the novel is written about the protagonist, Jay Gatsby and his quest for being wealthy. Another aspect of Realism according to Campbell is “class is important.” (Campbell) Class is a major factor in the novel which is demonstrated through the character, Mr.Wilson. Mr. Wilson wants to buy a car, so he can move up in social ranking. Cars were viewed as a wealth during the 20’s, therefore if Wilson had a car he would appear to be in high social standing. A final property of this era is “having complex ethical choices as a subject.” (Campbell) In the novel, the value of…

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