Essay on The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Deceiving personalities can effectively change the good qualities in a person. The central theme of deception is one of the many themes that can be carefully explored by various literary devices in The Great Gatsby. In F. Scott Fitzgerald 's classic novel, the theme of deception will be effectively explored through an in-depth analysis of the utilization of the literary devices, characterization and foreshadowing to reveal the untold stories of the character, Jay Gatsby. This will be proven through the characterization of Jay Gatsby with the false rumours that are told about him and the use of foreshadowing during various conversations acknowledging the mysterious personality of Jay Gatsby.
First of all, the character development allows readers to gain knowledge on how each character is thoughtfully developed in the novel. In addition, the characterization of Jay Gatsby unveils the theme of deception through the conversations of the various guests at his lavish parties. These conversations involve various false accusations that reveal his mysterious personality. This is proven at Jay Gatsby’s party during a conversation between Jordan Baker and two other women Gatsby. Somebody told me— The two girls and Jordan leaned together confidentially. ‘Somebody told me they [think] he killed a man once.’… ‘I don’t think it’s so much that,’ [argues] Lucille sceptically; ‘it’s more that he was a German spy during the war…it [could not] be that, because he was in the American army…

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