The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Alcohol, something used to bring people together and make them forget. Fitzgerald made each character seem to be something great but by the end of the book all of their flaws are laid on a line. The Great Gatsby has amazing parties with alcohol filling the air, as the level goes up so does the social status. Some people believe that the alcohol is just used as an element to the party but it is far more than that. Many believe that Gatsby had alcohol at his parties just because it was a party. The alcohol was a huge part because of Gatsby’s wealth. The party was filled with alcohol so people would spread the new of a big party held by a man named Gatsby. Alcohol is used for memories. “The evening before her wedding to Tom Buchanan, Daisy was overcome with despair, still in love with her lieutenant, Jay Gatsby. Jordan Baker found her with "a bottle of sauterne in one hand" and a letter from Gatsby in another,”(Enote). Daisy wanted to forget the moments with Tom and be with Gatsby. Many wouldn’t consider that F. Scott Fitzgerald would use such a thing as one of the main aspects, but that’s the irony of it all. Fitzgerald used something that was banded to tell a tale about how people would gain wealth.
As a young boy Gatsby saved a man off the coast from his boat crashing and he saw the negative effects that alcohol had on the human body so he promised himself to never drink. One night Gatsby went into the city with Daisy, Tom, Nick, and Jordan. He lashed out in a drunken…

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