Essay on The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Bruccoli, Matthew J. "Introduction." New Essay on The Great Gatsby. New York: Cambridge UP, 1985. 1-14. Bruccoli consistently compliments Fitzgerald’s work in The Great Gatsby as an “intricately patterned” masterpiece. He discusses cultural themes including disillusionment, success, time, excess, and hedonism using the context of 1920’s culture that Fitzgerald was immersed in while crafting the novel. Bruccoli recognizes Fitzgerald’s legacy as an author and admires the immense revisions and diligence required for him to craft his masterpiece. This article is useful to provide background and context when discussing the setting and themes in The Great Gatsby, and also when characterizing culture during The Jazz Age.
Christensen, Bryce J. “The Mystery of Ungodliness.” Gatsby. Ed. Harold Bloom, 154-80. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1991. Print. Christensen discusses the parallels Fitzgerald makes between Jay Gatsby and the Christian Jesus, specifically through the scriptural language Fitzgerald uses to address Gatsby’s mystery. He initially acknowledges the more apparent similarities, including an obscured origin story and passionate dedication to a cause. Christensen makes the astute distinction that although Fitzgerald uses “language of the Christian mystery of the Incarnation”, Gatsby’s illusions of the ideal intersecting with the real, are entirely different from Jesus. Christensen then finds a more specific context for comparison in a work of influence for…

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