The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The Great Gatsby is a Modernist novel by the author F. Scott Fitzgerald. It deals with the situation of society in the Roaring Twenties, in the volatile time between World War I and the Great Depression. The Great Gatsby is a story that wrestles with a lot of themes, two of which are isolation and unattainable desires.

One theme in this book is the loneliness and shallow connections that characters make. Gatsby frequently has hundreds of people at his house for parties, but it is often remarked that they know nothing about him, nor do they care to. Gatsby 's isolation is exemplified when you reach the end of the novel. His funeral is attended by Nick, his father, the priest, and the library man. Even after Nick personally informed and invited so many people, hardly a soul came. Not even Meyer Wolfsheim attended. Daisy and Tom actually moved away, not telling anyone where they were going. He also has no connections with his family, at one point claiming that he did not have any. Gatsby is not the only isolated character in this novel. Nick isolates himself in a way. He is let in on all of the secrets. He knows about Daisy 's affair, Tom 's affair, Gatsby 's illegal doings, and most other secrets that pop up in the book, but the fact that he is involved with so many secrets holds him apart from the others. He does not actually get involved in the goings-on, he just observes. Even in his relationship with Jordan, he is distant and claims that he does not really love…

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