The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it is evident that the narrator throughout the novel is Nick Carraway. There is only one point in the novel where there is a shift in voice, which goes from Nick Carraway to Jordan Baker in chapter four. Jordan Baker has a flashback that gives the reader more insight to who Daisy Buchanan is and her previous relationship with Jay Gatsby. The shift in narration is not only significant because it only occurs in chapter four but because it shines a romantic light on Jay Gatsby which is not how he has been perceived prior to Jordan’s brief narration. Before the narration switched from Nick Carraway to Jordan Baker, Jay Gatsby was viewed as a mysterious, rich man who was hiding something. Although the idea of who Jay Gatsby truly is did not completely change after Jordan Baker’s narration, it did bring a new insight of who he could honestly be. Whereas the narration switched from Nick to Jordan, while Jordan is narrating she is talking to Nick about Daisy. Jordan talking to Nick is significant because Jordan as the narrator gives Nick the main narrator insight to Jay Gatsby, which changes Nick’s view on Jay for the rest of the novel. Jordan explains to Nick that Jay Gatsby and Daisy had a relationship when they were living in Louisville. Daisy goes on to tell Nick what Gatsby was really like back then, a faithful solider fighting in World War I. Although, Daisy said she would wait for Gatsby to return she ends up marring Tom…

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