The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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F. Scott Fitzgerald utilizes colors in his story, The Great Gatsby, as a way of describing his characters. Colors can be used to symbolize different emotions, feelings, or entities. For example, green is associated with life and nature, and white is correlated with purity. Red is assimilated with love but also danger. There are many colors that relate to the characters in this story, but the most interesting and complex is the story’s tragic hero, Jay Gatsby. Green is the color of money, and Jay Gatsby is undoubtedly a very wealthy man, but it represents more than that in the case of Gatsby. Green can be used to represent Gatsby’s desperate hope of being with Daisy, which his is undying dream and what he puts all his effort into. Gatsby’s hope of having Daisy as his own never dies throughout the story, even taking the blame for Myrtle’s death when Daisy was at fault (Fitzgerald 154). There was nothing Gatsby would not have done for Daisy, for she was his one desire. Green also is affiliated with Gatsby’s death. Nick describes a new world, the world Gatsby hoped for and believed in (Fitzgerald 173). Gatsby wanted to believe more than anything that if he tried hard enough, Daisy would be his. Gatsby was a dreamer, and he wanted to see his dream become a reality. The unfortunate part is that Daisy always went back to Tom. It is easy to become so focused on something and lose sight of everything else in life, and that is exactly what happened to Gatsby. Stepping back a bit in…

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