The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The Great Gatsby is unique because of the great contradictions between different people and places throughout the novel. The novel shows what wealth can do to moral values, on small and large scales. Most of the binaries in the novel are based on this key idea. Another key idea is how dreams of the future and memories of the past transfer into the present and how that changes one’s mentality about life. These are some of the most important themes of the novel and can be expressed with binaries. These binaries include: Long Island (rich) vs. the Valley of Ashes (poor), “Old money” (East Egg) vs. “New money” (West Egg), East Coast vs. Midwestern values, past vs. present, and dreams vs. reality. Long Island vs. the Valley of Ashes is one of the most apparent binaries in the novel. In this case, Long Island includes East and West Egg, two of the most wealthy neighborhoods in the New York area. In order to get to New York City from Long Island, one must take the train. The train stops in a desolate land known as the Valley of Ashes. Most of the people there are poor coal miners and therefore the l and is covered in coal dust. People there are generally depressed. A great personification of this land and attitude is Wilson. He owns a car repair shop that hardly gets any business. He is whiny, tired, and sad. He is also very innocent and trusting of people. He hopes one day to leave the Valley of Ashes and trusts that other people will help him lead the way. He vastly…

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