The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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In The Great Gatsby, the titular character displays qualities that could reasonably justify him for multiple forms of judgement, both good and bad. He’s careless, optimistic, veiled by Daisy, and passionate all at once. In my personal opinion, Jay Gatsby isn’t a truthful man, that is, he masks who he really is with his gentlemanly etiquette and over-the-top parties. He is insincere about other things, such as going to Oxford and growing up rich, but I will be focusing more on the present Gatsby and how his behaviour among other things don’t accurately represent the real Gatsby. Examples can be found in when he first meets Daisy again, when Gatsby interacts with Tom at the hotel, and even during Gatsby’s funeral.

Firstly, Gatsby puts on a suave, worry-less face for when Nick invites Daisy over for tea, but we even blatantly see how distressed and nervous he is about seeing her once again. An interesting side-point occurs right before Daisy arrives, when Gatsby begins to panic that she won’t arrive, a conclusion he came to upon no logical grounds: “‘Nobody’s coming to the. It’s too late!’ He looked at his watch as if there was some pressing demand on his time elsewhere. ‘I can’t wait all day.’” (The Great Gatsby, pg. 69). We are immediately told afterwards that it was two minutes to four, and right before this Gatsby is described as speaking “hollowly” when asked if everything looked fine for tea. I interpreted this as Gatsby being kind of “prestigious to the point of severe…

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