The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald is one of the great American classics that is required by all American Students to read. The idea behind the book is to show the American dream, ideals behind love, and gender roles, in the 1920’s. Since it’s publication in 1925 it has had it’s ironic yellow eyes overseeing the city’s glamorous overview. The book’s iconic art that every student knows, very few people comprehend what the cover art represents.Dark Blue background with womanly eyes overlooking what is thought to be New York City and softly shedding a tear, a beautiful image with unlimited possibilities for what it might mean. The cover art chosen for the novel is Daisy’s face, because the face shown is the ideal woman, represents hardship and struggle, her eyes represent Tom’s affair, and the city represents Daisy 's lifestyle and dreams with Gatsby.
The ironic blue face of the Great Gatsby represents the ideal woman of the 1920’s. The face is very plain with no distinct features, and that makes the face it so ideal. Men throughout the novel are the main focus and are seen to be superior than women, this is why all women in the novel are seen as problematic,foolish,deceitful, and only cared about if they are beautiful. The are never in anyway wrote into the novel as being beautiful women, but it is written in a fashion that gives a feeling that any woman is beautiful, or at the very least, a tease with ‘charming laughter’ or even ‘sun--strained eyes’ Daisy said to Nick…

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