The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The evolution of people seem to only rely on whether you were born with money or worked for it and there was no in between. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a story the narrator/ main character Nick Carraway on his journey from Minnesota to the big city of New York. Nick learns the struggle of the people in the valley of ashes to the luxurious life style of the fat cats living on east egg, nick would live on the west side invested in bond business. There was James Gatsby/ Jay Gats with a mansion that would over look Nick’s small house. Nick thought Gatsby 's ' life was fulfilled for more than one life time from him live at sea for years, joining the military, going to oxford university, living in Europe, having huge parties in his huge mansion. Gatsby however didn 't care one bit about that if he didn 't have Daisy his one true love. Without Daisy Gatsby would be utterly empty and the work he had done would be for nothing and would have wasted his life for money that doesn 't even matter to him because only Daisy matters. Daisy a person matters to Gatsby not the corruption of money that humans will do anything for to get a little farther ahead in life for but it doesn 't bring happiness. The humans in this story a just slaves to the social class that cannot be broken for money has set it and only "the rich get richer and poor get- children."[Fitzgerald 93].
When Nick starts his journey to try to be a successful person in the bond system he learns about Gatsby, his…

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