Essay on The Great Gatsby, By F. Scott Fitzgerald

1089 Words Oct 9th, 2016 5 Pages
What does it mean to be American? Images fast to jump to mind consist of anything from pioneers to gold miners, The Great Gatsby to the Great Depression. Who are Americans? Who gets to be American, and what qualifications does one need to earn that title, if they do not get it by default simply by being born here? America is almost synonymous with freedom. That is the vision our forefathers had for us. However, they were really only thinking of a certain representation of the population: the white, Christian male. The idea of an American has been one that hurts minorities from the time the Mayflower dropped its anchor. As the colonies were trying to stand on their own two feet, they had to establish an identity for themselves at the same time. All of these European bloodlines mixing with each other, abandoning their home countries were figuring out what it means to be American. Even the purebred English identified as American more than English, as their home country of England had never been kind to them, hence the reason why they left in the first place (606). This is where the melting pot nickname for the United States we know today originated. However, the ingredients of the melting pot have never been free to truly melt together, as the term insinuates. Rather, America has been more of a melting pot with dividers in place between the separate ingredients. In the third letter from an American Farmer, people of color and native people are not even mentioned, are implied…

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