The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Love is one of the strongest feelings ever experienced in life. It can make a person feel upbeat and lively, but at the same the time can cause disillusionment and tragedy. In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby was trying to be a part of old money to rekindle his relationship with his teenage lover Daisy Buchanan. At a young age, Gatsby knew that it would be his ambition that took him places in life. In order to achieve his unattainable “American Dream” he had to attain new money to entice Daisy. According to William Veogeli, Gatsby “got rich quick out of a sense of urgency and desperation and crazy hopefulness, out of refusing to get over a broken heart and give up the love of his life” (Voegeli 69). Regretfully, Daisy`s actions due to societal expectations and social class differences proved she loved Gatsby, but was afraid to commit to him. Unfortunately, her actions caused a tragedy that ended Gatsby`s life. The conflicts within F. Scott Fitzgerald`s The Great Gatsby reveals how trying to capture “The American Dream” can cause a person to have a false sense of ambition that can lead to disillusionment.
Throughout the novel, Gatsby is seen trying to cover up his past to convey his newly rich lifestyle. This causes Gatsby to become insecure with his true identity because he is portraying to be someone he is not in order to be noticed by Daisy. When Gatsby was a young boy he remembered being poor and his parents not having a lot of ambition to…

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